ulivi_secolariSalento, a great place for seaside lovers, with cliffs, golden beaches and crystalline waters just like the Caribbean Sea, in addition, exeptional historic centers, place of rare beauty, artistic and architectural heritage of prestige.
You will have the opportunity to visit and admire medieval castles, baroque churches, noble villas, lookout towers on the coast. Also fortified farms, cliffs dwelling, trulli and pajare in the hinterland, where admire the beauty of green olive trees and the vineyards with characteristic drystones.


Puglia_Lecce_santa_croceA unique city for its beauty, also known as “The Florence of the South”, is the jewel of the Lecce’s Baroque.
A walk through the winding and narrow streets of the old town seems like a visit to a museum in the open air, where you can admire workshops, the wonderful Piazza Duomo, the Basilica of Santa Croce, the Castle of Charles V and the Roman Amphitheatre.
In addition to art and culture, Lecce, provides also a plenty of evening entertainment, the streets come busy and bars are open all night long.
visit it, it’s worth it!


Otranto_dal_bastione_dei_PelasgiAt the easternmost point of Italy, the city of Otranto, which is one of the most beautiful city centers of Italy, was the natural connection between the Mediterranean and the Orient and the meeting place of different peoples and cultures.
If you are lucky enough to walk in the old town, you will be amazed by the beauty of the old town, which lies between Aragonese walls, with its typical white houses and the streets with cobblestones that lead you to the cathedral, famous for the largest mosaic floors of Europe. The Castle of Otranto should be visited.


panoramica-centro-cittaThe “Pearl of the Ionian Sea”, the tourist destination of many and one of the most attractive cities of Salento. It is divided into two parts: the old city and the new city. Worth seeing is the Angevine-Aragonese Castle, St. Agata cathedral and the underground oil mill of Palazzo Granafei.
In Gallipoli, the entertainment is at home. Besides beaches and the sea, the city is known for its lively nightlife, discos and their fashionable bars, sea beach resort, that become meeting places.

Santa Maria di Leuca

santa_maria_di_leuca_salentoYou can not leave Salento, without having previously visited Leuca, the extreme tip of Puglia, where you can see the clash of two seas, the Basilica “De Finibus Terrae” and seems to be at the end of world.
With its old tower, the lighthouse, the noble palaces and the Liberty villas, Santa Maria di Leuca is a place very interesting from a cultural and architectural point of view.